The great power grab

Humanity is at the precipice, facing a future of authoritarianism, as civil and political rights are eroded in democracies across the globe.

During the response to Covid-19, the destruction of rights accelerated as governments transformed their countries into biosecurity states, and emergency powers were abused in the name of ‘public health’. The principle of informed consent was severely undermined as people were denied the right to refuse a medical intervention, without penalty, through coercive mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policies in many countries.

Lockdowns and other Covid-19 measures damaged societies and harmed a generation of children and young people. Vulnerable and disadvantaged communities are paying the highest price of all, with millions of people being plunged into even greater poverty in low-income countries.

The global fusion of health with national security underpinning the Covid-19 response is driven by greedy corporate agendas, aided and abetted by corrupt governments and the World Health Organization. The response to Covid-19, and the push to vaccinate the world against Covid-19 with novel medical products, has made billions for big pharma and for those riding the growing pandemic gravy train. These globalist public health policies must be subjected to proper scrutiny and public debate.

I am seeking accountability from elected leaders and health officials for tax-payer funded public health policies. Civil and political rights must be protected and true democracy restored.