The great power grab

Humanity is at the precipice, facing a future of authoritarianism, as democracies are transformed into biosecurity states under the guise of a medical emergency called Covid-19. Emergency powers have been abused in the name of public health – the result is the widespread erosion of civil and political rights across the globe.

Lockdowns, and other measures employed in response to Covid-19, have damaged society and harmed a generation of children and young people. Vulnerable and disadvantaged communities are paying the highest price of all, and millions are being plunged into poverty in low-income countries.

The global fusion of health with national security is being driven by greedy corporate agendas, aided and abetted by governments and the World Health Organization. A worldwide experiment is now underway with the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, and the threat of vaccination apartheid looms over us all.

Medical tyranny must be stopped and true democracy restored.

I am seeking proper accountability from our elected leaders and a system of governance that truly respects the inherent dignity and worth of the individual.