Raising the alarm

Seeking advice: email to Rebekha Sharkie

In March 2020, I was concerned about amendments to the Public Health Act being tabled in the South Australian parliament. I contacted the Federal MP for Mayo for information and assistance. (Personal information has been redacted in this email)

Email to Rebekha Sharkie MP 02-03-2020

Reply 10-03-2020

Meeting with liberal MP Josh Teague

In July 2020, when Melbourne returned to lockdown and residents were locked into tower blocks, I met with my local MP, Liberal Member for Heysen, Josh Teague, to discuss the COVID response.

I provided evidence regarding the risk factors for COVID-19 and about the futility of lockdowns. I pointed out the age gradient in mortality and the large number of deaths in care homes. We also discussed Sweden – a country that did not enforce lockdowns, choosing instead to adhere to the basic principles of it’s pandemic plan.

The following day, I sent an email summarising the evidence I had presented, including details of scientists who were questioning the response to COVID-19:

COVID-19 evidence shared with Josh Teague MP 17-7-2020

It is now clear that this meeting was futile. None of this evidence stopped the Marshall Government plunging South Australia into a ‘snap’ lockdown in November 2020, and again in July 2021.

I wrote a second email to Mr Teague when South Australia went into its second lockdown in November 2020:

Second South Australian Lockdown 18/11/2020