Raising the alarm

Seeking advice: email to Rebekha Sharkie

In March 2020, I was concerned about amendments to the Public Health Act being tabled in the South Australian state parliament and I reached out to the Federal MP for Mayo for information as to how to address this locally. (Personal information has been redacted in this email.)

Email to Rebekha Sharkie MP 02-03-2020

Reply 10-03-2020

Meeting with liberal MP Josh Teague

In July 2020, when Melbourne returned to lockdown and residents were locked into tower blocks, I decided to speak out against the egregious abuse of human rights inherent in lockdown polices. Thinking that politicians were being badly advised about lockdowns, I decided to meet with my local MP, Liberal Member for Heysen, Josh Teague.

I spent an hour with Mr Teague; I provided evidence regarding the risk factors for COVID-19 and about the futility of lockdowns. I pointed out the age gradient in mortality and the large number of deaths in care homes. We also discussed Sweden – a country that did not enforce lockdowns, choosing instead to adhere to the basic principles of it’s pandemic plan.

The following day, I sent an email summarising the evidence I had presented, including details of scientists who were questioning the response to COVID-19:

COVID-19 evidence shared with Josh Teague MP 17-7-2020

It is now clear that this meeting was futile. None of this evidence stopped the Marshall Government plunging South Australia into a ‘snap’ lockdown in November 2020, and again in July 2021.

I wrote a second email to Mr Teague when South Australia went into its second lockdown in November 2020:

Second South Australian Lockdown 18/11/2020